Defects of Small Fire Departments.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

Defects of Small Fire Departments. AN OLD FIREMAN. It is probable no branch of the average vilgovernment is so generally neglected as the Fire Department, and while it is the general opinion that a small village needs less efficient and reliable apparatus and membership than the larger towns, a close examination of the facts either fails to establish the idea, or proves the contrary. Few persons who have not given the subject attention, and especially those familiar with the discipline and equipment of the larger Departments, can conceive of the utter absurdity, and absolute inefficiency of some of the burlesques called country Fire Departments. The average village Department usually consists of one or two engines, either hand or steam, with a membership often scattered over a radius of two miles. The apparatus being seldom used, is often neglected to such an extent that when a fire takes place it is…

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