More Water.

Issue 23 and Volume 1878 1.

More Water. The ambition of modern Firemen is to extinguish fires with as slight an expenditure of water as possible. Their anxiety is to save as much property as they can, and not to destroy by water that which is not injured by the flames. But the architecture of today is not calculated to give much scope to the exercise of discrimination in this matter. Our buildings are put up with little regard to fire protection, are filled with highly inflammable material, with all the modern fire-instigators of open hatchways and fancyelevators, designed, apparently, for flues to conduct flames instantaneously to all parts of a building. When a fire occurs in such a building, situated, probably, in the middle of a block of similarly constructed structures, the Firemen have little hope of saving the building in which the fire originated, but must exert themselves to prevent its spreading. Under such…

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