Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

ORIGINAL ODE. BY AN OLD FIREMAN. On the Occasion o f Founding a Charitable Institution for the Aid of the Firemen of Charlestown, Mass.* Kind friends, we come the Firemen’s cause to plead; To found a shelter for him in his need; Say, shall he plead in vain who perils life, And wastes his strength and means in the fierce strife? When age o’ertakes him, when limbs have failed To bear him where his spirit never quailed, Must he be forced to beg that trifling aid His years of service have so amply paid? Forbid it, men of wealth ! this cause should call A universal aye from one and all. That our brave Firemen in their time of need Shall have support ; we bid your cause God speed ; Who more deserving of our kindest care, Than he who risks his life for our welfare ? Shall we…

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