Fire Streams.

Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

Fire Streams. Copies of this valuable work, by George A. Ellis, Civil Engineer, based upon experiments made by himself and A. P. Leshure, Chief Engineer of the Springfield, Mass., Fire Department, may be had by addressing THE NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, No. 16 Dey street, New York. Price $1.50. It is full of valuable information, and should be in the hands of every Fireman. The Christian Leader (N. Y.) in speaking of Merchant’s Gargling Oil, says: “Mr. Hodge is a gentleman of liberal tastes and excellent judgment, and the Gargling Oil Company, under his thoroughly judicious direction, has become one of the strongest and soundest concerns that grace the commercial annals of our State. Other medicinal specialties, in addition to the Gargling Oil, are beginning to claim the company’s attention, and of their great success we have as little doubt as we have of their intrinsic value.”

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