The New Orleans Department.

Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

The New Orleans Department. A correspondent writing from New Orleans of the recent parade of Firemen in that city, pays a high compliment to the physique and discipline of the men, but adds: “And yet with their regiments of Firemen and multitudes of engines, the people of New Orleans have not the least idea of what a first-class Fire Department is. The idea of having half a dozen engines throwing double streams upon a fire within three minutes from the first tap of the bell, is something passing comprehension in this city. I have seen Firemen here running to the scene of a fire half an hour after the bell rang —not because they cared to exert themselves, but through fear of being fined a dollar if they did not put in an appearance betore the fire was put out. It is only the spirit of rivalry between companies that…

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