Answers to Inquirers.

Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

Answers to Inquirers. [We are in constant receipt of letters of inquiry regarding Firemen’s supplies, and of orders for various articles. This is a phase of the business which we had scarcely anticipated; nevertheless, we will cheerfully undertake to comply with the requests of correspondents, without fee or reward. All we shall expect in return will be their good offices in behalf of the JOURNAL.] W. A. C.—Send that poem; we will print it as an advertisement at our usual rates. MARCO, Sandwich Islands.— Will be glad to have a notice of the Fire Department of Honolulu, also a portrait of the Chief. ST. LOUIS.—No other city has attempted to organize a Pompier Corps, probably because the system has not been exhibited elsewhere. HENRY.—We cannot give you ” the ages of the Fire Commissioners and Chief Engineer of New York.” We are not a tombstone. Such an inquiry is simply…

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