Five Hundred Persons Burned at Sea.

Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

Five Hundred Persons Burned at Sea. Lloyd’s agent at Larnica, Cyprus, in a letter dated March 19, furnishes full particulars of the burning of the Austrian Lloyd’s steamer Sphinx near Cape Elia, in the early part of last month, by which 500 Circassian refugees lost their lives. It appears that the Sphinx was on her way to Lattachia, from Cavalla, with about 3000 Circassians on board. On March 5 the ship would no longer obey the rudder, and a heavy sea striking the vessel washed forty refugees from the forecastle. Could not put back to Alexandretta, as the hatches were open, and being afraid that the sea would fill the hold, coupled with the fact that the Circassians would not allow them to be closed, for fear of being suffocated. At 6.45 smoke was seen coming out of the fore hatch, and the vessel shipping heavy seas ; a little…

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