Issue 24 and Volume 1878 1.

Correspondence. The JOURNAL does not hold itself responsible for the ideas, opinions or prejudices expressed by its correspondents. Our policy is to give every one fair play, and our desire is to place on record the experience of practical Firemen in the management of fires, fire apparatus and all that pertains to the Fire Service. To this end, we permit the greatest latitude of expression to correspondents. TESTS OF RESPIRING APPARATUS. PHILADELPHIA, PA., April 25. Editor National Fireman s Journal: Messrs. Neally & Bloomingdale visited Philadelphia on last Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of giving an exhibition of the qualities of their Respirator. A building opposite headquarters, on Race street was selected for the purpose, and a fire, consisting of shavings, paper, woolen rags, cotton waste soaked in oil, brimstone, cayenne pepper, and various other ingredients, was kindled under the supervision ol Chief Engineer Johnson. Mr. Neally entered the building…

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