Salvage Corps.

Issue 27 and Volume 2.

Salvage Corps. Salvage Corps, or, as they are known in some cities, Insurance Patrols, are indispensable adjuncts to the Fire Departments of all cities. Their services in saving property exposed to destruction by fire have saved millions of dollars to citizens. While the energies of Firemen are specially directed to the extinguishment of flames, the Salvage Corps proceed systematically to secure all exposed property from injury by either fire or water. Their efficiency is acknowledged by all who have paid any attention to fire matters. These Salvage Corps are supported almost entirely by the insurance companies, although their services are rendered to the public. This is subjecting a special class of business to taxation which is not felt by other classes, and is. consequently, all wrong. Why Salvage Corps should be supported by one class any more than the Police or the Fire Departments, it is hard to see. W’hen…

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