Issue 27 and Volume 2.

Miscellany. The Philadelphia Fire Department. The JOURNAL’S denunciation of the corrupt influences which control the Philadelphia Fire Department are being vigorously echoed by the press of that city. As a consequence, several propositions, looking to a radical change in the management of the Department, are being agitated. Chief Johnson seems to be recognized by all parties as a competent Fireman, but the Board of Commissioners and the Council Committees are denounced for their political partisanship and unblushing corruption. The following from the United States Revie7v is a fair sample of the press comments on the situation : “ In connection with Philadelphia Fire Department matters, of which a good deal has been said of late of a justly condemnatory character, it is well known that the demoralization which has been developed therein is traceable directly to the cumbersome and corrupt Board of Fire Commissioners which directs the Department’s affairs. The…

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