Practical Firemanship.

Issue 27 and Volume 2.

Practical Firemanship. Report of F. H. Seymour, Statistician of the Michigan State Firemen’s Association, Submitted to the Convention May x, 1878. [The following address and report were read by Mr. SEYMOUR at the last State Convention. Other equally interesting papers read on that occasion will appear in the future issues of the JOURNAL.] The losses from which this State has suffered by fire during the past year, have amounted to the startling sum of $1,342,000. The statistics herewith submitted, show that a large amount of this loss was occasioned by incendiarism and defective chimneys. The total loss from which the country has suffered, amounts to the aggregate of $100,000,000. Too little cannot be done to awaken public attention to such a glaring defect in our national economy. If a like incredible amount of money as $100,000,000 was to be swept from the resources of the nation by hurricane, by earthquake,…

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