Volume Second.

Issue 27 and Volume 2.

Volume Second. The present number is the first of Volume Two of the JOURNAL. It has passed through the trials and tribulations of its early infancy, and reached that period when it stand upright and walk alone. It is established upon a permanent business basis; it is no longer an experiment, but an established enterprise, numbering its subscribers by thousands, and encouraged by a fair advertising patronage. To have attained such a degree of success in half a year is a nominal experience in the history of news papers, and we feel that we are entitled to general congratulation. That the JOURNAL has been so successful we do not to any special merit of our own, but simH’; to our rigid adherence to the policy p claimed at the outset for its guidance, viz. perfect independence in treating of Fire rnt tars, t respectable, dignified tone, artl an avoida nec…

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