Ring and Smooth Nozzles.

Issue 30 and Volume 2.

Ring and Smooth Nozzles. [Written for the Nitional Fireman’s Journal.] I do not mean to refer to “Spray,” “Revolving,” or “Variable” nozzles (each of these has its appropriate use), nor to the form used by Venturi, which discharges more water than any other form known, but which, owing to its diverging sides, or blunderbuss shape, delivers a spreading jet useless for distance-playing; but I desire to call attention to the ordinary nozzles as attached to “play-pipes.” Regarding these, the question is often asked: What is the best form? And more than one manufacturer of Fire Department supplies has attempted to produce a nozzle that should “beat ” everything else,or that should lessen the ” friction,” expecting thereby to throw a better jet. The principal reason for trying various forms has been to get the smoothest stream, the largest volume of water, and to cause the jet to reach the greatest…

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