Random Sparks.

Issue 30 and Volume 2.

Random Sparks. —Mr. E. D. Farnsworth, the organizer of the San Francisco Fire Patrol, was in Chicago this week. —A new horse is now seen in the Chicago Patrol house in the place formerly occupied by “GreyEagle.” —On June 1st, Fire Marshal Benner, of Chicago, was elected senior Vice-Commander of the “Equestrian Club.” —Hook and Ladder Truck No. 1, of Newark, has just been overhauled and received a new fortyfive-foot ladder. —The damage to property from fireworks and fire crackers in the United States, during July, 1877, amounted to $261,417. —The unrecognized victims of the Minneapolis disaster were interred on the 2d inst. in that city. In accordance with a resolution passed by the Department, the Firemen, in full force, participated in the funeral ceremonies. —At a recent inspection of the Boston Protectives, No. 2 hitched up from the stalls in eight seconds. The members of the Company then went…

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