City and Vicinity.

Issue 36 and Volume 2.

City and Vicinity. The New York Department. A BROADWAY BONANZA. To see a gold mine, the residents of this city need not go to the Pacific slope, nor make a tour to distant Australia. Right here in New York a mine is in full operation, with all the mining appliances used in the distant gold fields, except the machinery required in quartz mines. About five weeks ago the work began in the mine, but for two weeks enough of the precious metal was not found to meet operating expenses. Mr. John T. Roberts has been a miner for fifteen years, in Nevada and Mexico. His partner, Mr. Peer, has been a miner for twenty-four years. The two are associated in the business of manufacturing a “ concentrator,” which has proved of great value to the miners of the country in separating the precious metal from the earth in which it…

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