An Unworthy Correspondent.

Issue 36 and Volume 2.

An Unworthy Correspondent. Mr. R. S. Calkins, of Cohoes, has occupied considerable space in the columns of the JOURNAL in advocacy ofleather hose, and has had quite a protracted controversy with “Mohawk” on the hose question. We welcomed Mr. Calkins to our columns as an ex-Chief, and extended to him every courtesy. It is evident, however, that he has abused our confidence, and, when the facts are stated, many of our readers will doubtless come to the conclusion that he is utterly unworthy of being trusted. In his letter of last week, speaking of the “Eureka” hose at Elmira, he said: “ 1,000 feet out of 4,000 feet burst, notwithstanding the most of it had been in use less than one year.” Had Mr. Calkins intended to utter a deliberate, unmitigated, and malicious falsehood, he could scarcely have found language better suited to his purpose. The facts of the case…

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