Answers to Inquirers.

Issue 37 and Volume 2.

Answers to Inquirers. ALBANY COUNTRYMAN.—Write us your best ideas of the best way to take care of a Steamer. J. C. M.—Leather hose costs a trifle more than rubber or cotton. The best sells from $1.10 to $1.20 per foot. HENRY.—The New York Belting Co., of this city, manufactures the brand of rubber hose known as “Test” hose. Hose.—The Morse coupling is a screw coupling, the thread being cut to any required pitch. For address, see advertisement. Volunteer.—Nearly all the manufacturers of fire apparatus buy and sell second-hand Engines. You will find the advertisements of the principal ones in the JOURNAL. James.—You made a mistake in hitting the man who cut your hose, on the ear. You should have reached for his nose. Nose rhymes with hose, and blows on the nose shows, swells it like a rose, knocks him off his toes, and away he goes—as we knows. Country.—The…

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