Fire Service Patents—Recently Issued.

Issue 37 and Volume 2.

Fire Service Patents—Recently Issued. FIRE-ESCAPE.—Combination of frame, provided with guides, sliding cross-heads and means for moving the same in different directions, combined with arm, provided with bucket. Patent No. 203,537. issued May 14, 1878, to Townsend L. Bennett, hast Templeton, Mass. HOSE-NOZZLE.—Combination of exterior channels with the ordinary central opening in the cock of a hose-nozzle. Patent No. a .3,539, issued May 14, 1879, to John W. Gray, Hartford, Conn. APPARATUS FOR EXTINGUISHING Fires.—A carbonicacid gas generator, the cylinder of which is divided by a slotted disk, combined with cover, having breakers or fingers. Patent No. 303,564, issued to J. W. Stanton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fire-Escape.—Combination of box, reel, wires, girth and rope. Patent No. 203,537, issued May 14, 1878, to Francis G. Bryant, Seattle, Wash. Fire-Escapk.—Combination of a belt, rope, frictional clasp and rope or cord. Patent No. 203,687, issued May 14, 1878, to Joseph E. Wildbore, Brooklyn, N.…

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