Issue 37 and Volume 2.

ST. LOUIS. The Volunteer Fire Department, 1832-1858. FIRST ARTICLE. In the year 1832 the city of St. Lous (having been incorporated as such by act of the legislature just ten years previously, Daniel D. Page being Mayor, and governing the city in connection with a Board of Aldermen) contained a population of 6,500 souls. The “Bucket Brigade”—the then only reliance of the citizens in case of fire—had been in operation for eight years, and having signally failed on several occasions to successfully combat the fiery element, a resolution was offered in the Council and accepted, to place the inhabitants on a more secure footing in this respect. Martin Thomas, Esq., an esteemed citizen, was duly appointed and commissioned to proceed to the East, with full powers to negotiate for the purchase of a Fire Engine, the result of his labors being the advent, in the fall of 1832, of the…

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