The Column of Fire.

Issue 37 and Volume 2.

The Column of Fire. From Schiller’s “I,AY OF TUB BELLS.” What friend is like the might of Fire, When man can watch and wield the ire ? Whate’er we shape or work, we owe Still to that heaven-descended glow. But dread the heaven-descended glow When from their chain its wild wings go, When, where it listeth, wide and wild Sweeps forth free Nature’s free-born Child ! When the Frantic One fleets, While no force can withstand. Through the populous streets Whirling ghastly the brand:— For the Elements hate What man’s labors create And the works of his hand. Impartially out from the cloud. Or the curse or the blessing may fall ! Benignantly out from the cloud Come the dews, the revivers of all ! Avengingly out from the cloud Came the levin, the bolt, and ball ! Hark !—a wail from the steeple !—aloud The bell shrills its voice…

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