Water for Fire Purposes.

Issue 43 and Volume 2.

Water for Fire Purposes. The insufficient supply of water in this city, in view of fire requirements, is a subject which demands immediate and careful investigation looking to a remedy on the part of the city authorities. There are now 400 miles of main distributing pipes throughout the city, which are tapped at different points by some four thousand hydrants, the majority of which have two and one-half inch nozzles, and those erected within the last two years have both four and one-half and two and one-half inch nozzles. This distribution system has cost the city to establish some $14,000,000. For the purposes of fire supply at the points most needed in the lower and other parts of the city this distributing system is totally inadequate. The average head of water during the day has but a pressure of five to six inches per square inch, of cross section of…

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