Minor Topics.

Issue 43 and Volume 2.

Minor Topics. Events to Occur. The next Annual Convention of the National Associaciation of Fire Engineers will be held at Cleveland, Ohio, on September 10. Firemen’s Muster at Weymouth, Mass., September 22. Firemen’s Muster at Brockton in October. WE ask pardon of “ Billy” Allen, Chief Bates’s Chief Clerk, for printing his name “ Young” last week. Accidents will happen, and printers’ types have the faculty of making more of them than anything else wc know of. MUCH interest was felt in Chicago to sec the working of the Life-Saving Corps from St. Louis, Dubuque and Chicago. Commissioners Perley and Gorman were studying the apparatus and methods used with interest, and seemed pleased with what they saw. We may look for additional life-saving machinery to be added to our Hook and Ladder Trucks soon. THE National Tournament at Chicago was successfully incorporated on Tuesday by the grandest street parade ever…

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