Issue 43 and Volume 2.

ACCIDENT TO CAPT. JOHN BRESNAN. Last Sunday afternoon as Engine No. 33 was dashing through Mercer street in response to an alarm, a Bleecker street car, crossing its path, was in imminent danger of being crashed into by the ponderous machine. To rein in the horses and stop the machine was impossible, because only fifty feet separated it from the car, which was going west. To add to the difficulty of turning out, there was a hole in the pavement near the northeast corner of Bteeker and Mercer streets. Captain Bresnan, the Foreman of the Engine, who was seated beside the driver, unmindful of himself while other lives were in danger, siezed the left rein and with his w’hole weight upon it, swung the galloping horses to the east and th^ingine, swerving, plunged into the hole. The Captain was thrown from his seat and severely bruised. The Kngine had to…

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