Issue 43 and Volume 2.

WILLIAM STOCKELL. Chief Engineer of the Fire Department of Nali- ville, Tennessee. Chief Stockell, of Nashville, Tenn., whose portrait accompanies this number of the JOURNAL, was born in Walton, Yorkshire, England, in 1815, and is, consequently, 63 years old. His father removed with his family to Baltimore, Md., when William was quite a child, where they resided until 1829. During the spring of that year they crossed the mountains to Wheeling, Va., and thence by river they went to Cincinnati, Ohio, where, soon after their arrival, young Stockell, now quite a lad, was apprenticed to the brick-laying and plastering business. In due time he became a master in his profession. Before he had reached man’s estate he imbibed a love for “running with the machine,” and in 1840 assisted in the organization of the “ Independent Western” Fire Company of that city. In 1841 he was elected President of the…

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