Minor topics.

Issue 46 and Volume 2.

Minor topics. Events to Occur. Annual Parade of the Providence, R. I., Department, October 1. Annual Parade of the Albany, N. Y. Department, October 2. Annual Parade of the Brockton, Mass., Department, October 4. Prizes valued at $500 to be contended for. Annual Parade of the Middletown, N. Y., Department, October 16. IF any of the Chief Engineers of the United States have a thumb out of joint, send for Chief Bennett, of Cleveland. SPEAKING of the recent Convention of Chief Engineers at Cleveland, the Bulletin, of this city, says : “ It is doubtful if any previous convention was more successful, practical, or conducive to the enjoyment of those attending it.” FIREMEN’S musters and parades come so thick and fast during September and October that it is impossible to keep track of them. We shall be glad to have reports of theip all, and trust the numerous friends of…

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