The Joliet Victors.

Issue 46 and Volume 2.

The Joliet Victors. It was “Joliet” Steamer Company No. 1 that took the first National prize at Chicago for extinguishing a burning building. As there were several compeing Companies, including one from Chicago, the “Joliet” boys felt highly elated with their victory ; not more so, however, than the citizens of Joliet, who hastily organized a procession to welcome the returning heroes with becoming honors. The Joliet News says : “About x o’clock, word reached the city that Chief Paige and his presents would be down from Chicago at 2 o’clock, and by the time the train arrived, Boyne’s band, the Steamers, with fouj horses each, the Hose Carts with two horses, each in tandem style ; a large number of buggies and a thousand or two people had gathered at the Alton depot. The Steamers were gorgeously decorated with flags, boquets of flowers, and that new broom adorned No.…

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