Fire Loss.

Issue 55 and Volume 2.

Fire Loss. Referring to the irremediable loss in this country of human product and industry by fire, the Chicago correspondent of the Troy Times intelligently and truthfully remarks: ” It is the conversion of human blood, brawn and muscle necessary to create $100,000,000 of value into ashes and smoke. Assuming the labor that produced this value to be worth $2 per day, this loss is of more than the combined labor of 100,000 men for one entire year. Then, too, it must be remembered that this is the surplus production. It has been accumulated by producers after earning livelihoods for themselves and families, and paying their share of the cost of government and their proportion of the burdens of society. It would require, then, the labor of 100,000 men for 20 years to replace by surplus production this annual loss. May not this loss be justly classed as among one…

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