Steam Engines at Paris.

Issue 55 and Volume 2.

Steam Engines at Paris. We have received the official report of the Committee appointed to test and report upon the Steam Engines exhibited at the Paris Exposition. The La France was the only American Steamer exhibited, and this machine was, we believe, a fourth-class one. The report consists mainly of a description of the working of the French Steamer, and an elaborate advertisement of M. Thirion, the manufacturer. No description whatever is given of the working of the American machine, which is in marked contrast to the treatment the Committee awarded their own countrymen. It will be seen that the English manufacturers shirked the test at Paris as they did at our Centennial, but nevertheless obtained a medal because of their persistency in soliciting it. The following is an extract from the report: The jury of the class 67, in order to get an opinion upon the merit of the…

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