Issue 1 and Volume 3.

ST. LOUIS. THE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. 1832-1839. BY TOM LYNCH—SEVENTH ARTICLE. MOUND FIRE COMPANY NO. 9. 1847-1857. MOTTO H ’e gy to srrceor and to save..” This Company was organized in 1847, and went into active service on the 22d day of February, 1848; the first fire which they attended being the burning of Scott’s Hotel, situated on the southeast corner of Second and Green streets (now Christy avenue). The Union Fire Company befriended them upon this occasion, loaning them hose, giving them water, etc., an act they never forgot, and to the end of their respective careers the warmest of friendship existed between them. The Presidents were: Dominick Childs, C. R. Annis, Fred. Meyers, Benj. Jennings, Wm. Pallis and Clay Sexton; Secretaries, Chas. R. Annis, Jos. Hull, Andrew Lemon and Alex. C. Durdy; Treasurer, Wm. S. Stamps. They were incorporated in 1844 by Jas. Gordon, S. Robinson, M. Brotherton,…

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