Issue 2 and Volume 3.

BURNING OF THE CHICAGO POST OFFICE. The Chicago Post Office was destroyed by fire on the 4th instant. The following report is from the New York Times next day: “Twice before destroyed—in the great fires of 1871 and 1874—it has once more been moved to seek a new location through the medium of a fiery visitation. This afternoon, between 3 and 4 o’clock, flames burst out in the boiler-room, which was located near the centre of the building. There was some delay in transmitting the alarm to Headquarters, and consequently before the Engines had reached the spot, the fire had gained such headway that it could not be checked by any agency at hand. Reaching the grand staircase and elevators, with wonderful rapidity the flames mounted in a moment to the upper stories, and began their work of destruction in good earnest. The Post Office officials commenced the removal of…

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