Issue 2 and Volume 3.

MISCELLANY ST. LOUIS. LAFAYETTE HOOK AND LADDER COMPANY NO. i.—1854-1858. Motto— Public servants, not hirelings.” ARTICLE. This, the only Hook and Ladder organization ever in this city, was founded in the spring of 1854, and incorporated in the winter of 1857, by Chas. P. Chouteau,D. J. Dickey, E. M. Joel, and Edward E. Allen. Charles P. Chouteau, President ; Edward E. Allen, Vice-President ; Edward E. Allen, Samuel S. Robeson, Secretaries ; James Sweeney, Treasurer ; D. J. Dickey, E. M. Joel, Louis Fuller, and William Mackey, Foremen. Their first location was a shed on the east side of Eighth street, near Washington avenue, pending the completion of a two-story brick house erected for their use on the south side of Washington avenue, near Seventh street, which they shared with the Union No. 2 Steamer until. October, 1857, when, upon their refusal40 join the Paid Department, they were compelled to…

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