Issue 3 and Volume 3.

RANDOM SPARKS —St. Louis is in need of a new Fire Plug and a better supply of water. —The deficiency in the Albany Fire Department for 1878 was $2,067.56. —Engine Company No. 11, of St. Louis, claims “first water” in the new year. —On January 6, all the Albany Fire Companies elected officers for the ensuing year. —All the Firemen injured at the Vesey-street fire, with the exception of Dennis Regan, are rapidly improving. —A number of Louisville Firemen, it is rumored, are about to resign their positions. Reason, too low salaries. —The Northern Illinois Fireman’s Association met at Sterling, that State, on Friday, January 10. —The loss of property in St. Louis by fire during the first three days of 1879 amounted to nearly $125,000. —On January x Captain M A. Kennedy, of Patrol No. r, Chicago, tendered his esignation, whic h was accepted. During 1878, there weie in…

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