Issue 3 and Volume 3.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. WE have received numerous letters complimenting THE JOURNAL on its improved appearance. We are glad to know that our efforts to please are appreciated. Thanks, gentlemen, one and all. We will see you later. OUT of 313 persons charged with arson, committed in the State of Michigan during the past eight years, there have been but forty-two convictions. The Governor, in his message 10 the Legislature, suggests that some bette means be provided for ascertaining the causes of fires, and thus ascertaining the guilt of incendiaries. WE print elsewhere a communication from Mr. T. W. Hotchkiss relative to the Judges’ report of the Steam Engine contest at the Chicago Tournament. That report was so unfair and so prejudiced that we stated when we printed it we presumed the manufacturers would have something to say about it. Mr. Hotchkiss, who represents the La France Company, writes with…

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