Issue 5 and Volume 3.

ANSWERS TO INQUIRERS CHRISTIE.—Your suggestion is a good one; will attend to it at once. COUNTRYMAN.—Don’T be discouraged—your communication is in type, and will be printed at the first opportunity. ARTEMUS.—The first prize for extinguishing fires at the Chicago Tournament was won by the company from Joliet, Ill., J. D. Paige, Chief. HOSEMAN.—The trouble was your authorities bought unlined linen hose, when they should have paid a little more and had it rubber lined. Linen hose, properly lined, has done good service, and is in use in many Departments in this State. CHEMICAL—We know of no fire-extinguishing chemical that you can “buy at the drug stores.” The formulas for such compounds are carefully guarded secrets. You can get the “ Fire King” compound in any quantity desired of the Protective Annihilator Company, No. 10 Courtland street, New York. Relief.—All members of the New York Department pay $1 a month to…

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