Issue 8 and Volume 3.

INSURANCE PATROLS. THE JOURNAL has always maintained that the organizations supported by the insurance companies lor the protection of property upon which they have risks, should not be permitted to exist as independent organizations. They are found in nearly all large cities under one name or another—Insurance Patrols, Salvage Corps, Proteclives, etc.— and are usually composed of active and efficient Firemen. It is unquestionably true that they have saved millions of dollars’ woith of property from destruction, and are entitled to great credit lor the r promptness, daring and efficiency. Nevertheless, we believe that such organizations are detrimental to the Fire Service. We have nothing but the highest commendation for the men comprising these d fferent corps and for the work they do, but we think the principle upon which they are organized is wrong. They represent private interests, not the interests of the public ; they are controlled by…

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