Issue 8 and Volume 3.

GIVE THEM LIGHT. The extraordinary perils to which Firemen are exposed arise largely from the fact that they are forced to grope about in the darkness and smoke in unfamiliar places. Fires have an unfortunate habit of breaking out in the night, probably from a perverse spirit which impels them to give the Firemen as much trouble as possible. If any one can devise the means whereby fires will occur only in the day time, losses thereby will be reduced fully three-quarters. But, in the absence of any such device, those having control of Fire Departments owe it to their men to provide them with as much artificial light as possible. Persons unfamiliar with the subject may think that the fire itself is sufficient light for the men to work by. Such is not the case, however. Ordinarily the flames are brilliant enough at first, but after several streams of…

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