Issue 9 and Volume 3.

HOW IT TOOK FIRE. The other day, when a house on Fifth street took fire and was saved by the Firemen in a damaged condition, they set about trying to discover the cause of the accident, and in so doing questioned various inmates of the family. The head of the house had his theory all ready. “It is my opinion,” he began, “that some enemy of mine climbed to the roof and emptied coals on the shingles.” The idea was laughed at, and the wife said: “Well, there was a lamp up stairs, but it was not lighted. Now, if the rats got hold of matches, and tried to light that lamp, they would just as quick throw a lighted match on the bed as to blow it cut. I don’t say they set the house ;-fi c on purpose, but vou knowhow careless rars are.” That theory didn’t bold…

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