Issue 14 and Volume 3.

RANDOM SPARKS Chippewa Falls, Wis., is to have a paid Fire Department. Philadelphia has purchased fifteen horses, at a cost of $2400, for the use of the Fire Department. Peoria, Ill., had 18 fires during the month of February. The aggregate loss by these was $2937. Columbus, Wis., has been unable to find a man willing to become Chief of its Fire Department. San Francisco had eighteen fires during the month of February. The loss involved was $12,919. Mayor Howell, of Brooklyn, has vetoed the bill by which it is proposed to light the streets by naphtha. The proposition to reduce the pay of the Firemen has been defeated by the Pittsburgh Common Council. The citizens of Rome, N. Y., have dismissed the Fire Alarm question, and it will probably be some time before the subject is again agitated. At the last annual eketion in the Watertown, N. Y., Fire…

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