Issue 14 and Volume 3.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. MR. HOTCHKISS, of the La France Steam Fire Engine Company, comes to the front with an “ open ” letter in response to that of Merryweather & Son, of London. Mr. Hotchkiss’s letter is devoid of those personalities which he complains were apparent in his opponents’ communication. There is no argument in personal allusions or criticisms, nor do they indicate superiority in the construction of Steam Engines. IT must be a pleasant sight for respectable citizens of Philadelphia to see Firemen in full uniform tending bar for the Fire Commissioners who own “gin mills,” and dealing out “mixed poisons” in endless variety to their brother Firemen. Yet this is a sight that can be witnessed almost any time in the goodly “ Quaker City.” It must also be an interesting sight to witness Firemen dropping around when they get their pay to wipe out their scores,…

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