Issue 14 and Volume 3.

STEAMER PLAYING. [CONTRIBUTED PAPER.J The point your correspondent “ Doc.” makes in relation to the hydrant pressure acting to retard the action of the Engine is one that has been debated for years, but the writer believes a careful consideration of the fac’.s will show that the opinion is a fallacy. To illustrate. Take the case of a piston Engine working from a hydrant under 100 pounds pressure to the square inch. We will suppose the pump piston to beat the end of the up stroke, and on the point of making the return motion. It is evident the lower end of the pump is full of water under the same pressure as that on the hydrant—100 pounds. The instant the pump piston begins its downward motion (or rather ceases its upward motion) the upper induction valves are opened by the hydrant pressure, and the water rushes in. As the…

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