Issue 14 and Volume 3.

FIRE-PROOF BUILDINGS. (CONTRIBUTED PAPER.) The requisites of a simple fire-proof building are but little understood by our architects and propertyowners ; so we will place before them, without further comment, a few important points bearing upon the proper construction of buildings, which we trust will be given the attention that this subject should receive : Never erect a building less than six stories in height. Propertyowners who build six, seven and eight-story buildings are carrying out one of the main elements of a successful business venture, insomuch as they build in the atmosphere with a very small outlay of money, and derive therefrom handsome profits—as witness our tenement houses and business structures. In case of fire the advantages resulting to Firemen are clearly apparent. Upon arrival of the fire apparatus on the ground, the force can wait until the three or four upper stories are burned down, then the fire…

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