Issue 15 and Volume 3.

RANDOM SPARKS —Victor Adams has been elected Chief of the Little Falls Fire Department. —The letter on the Milwaukee Fire Department will be continued in the next number of THE JOURNAL. —The Fire Department of Jacksonville, Fla., will have its annual parade on the 17th of the present month. —Chief Hennick, of the Baltimore Fire Department, has given orders for an inspection and review to take place Easter Monday, April 14. —Warner Fire Company, of the Savannah, Ga., Fire Department, has removed its quarters to a more commodious building than it has heretofore occupied. —In the person of William Knapp, Northampton, Mass., claims to have the oldest Fireman in active service in the United States. This veteran joined the Fire Department in 1833, and has remained in it ever since. —Anderson & Jones have received orders for a set of new uniforms for Hook and Ladder Company No. 2 of…

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