Issue 18 and Volume 3.

STAND-PIPE vs. STEAM ENGINES. The Chicago Times recently published a communication relative to the defects of our present Fire Departments, and made extended editorial comments endorsing its correspondent. The correspondent takes the ground that stand-pipes should be introduced in every house, so that citizens should have control of the water supply as well as the Firemen. He says: The 450 miles of street mains, all of which are under a pressure of from twenty to thirty pounds to the square inch, are as worthless to the citizen, so far as aiding him in subduing fire upon his own premises, as though they had no existence. The Fire Department alone hold the keys to the water mains, and if they fail to subdue the fire destruction must follow. When we think that the safety of our entire city is in the hands of 350 men it cannot but create a feeling…

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