Issue 18 and Volume 3.

MISCELLANY. KING KALAKAUA. The flattering reception accorded to King Kalakaua, of the Sandwich Elands, at Washington, and by the prominent citizens of the several cities which he visited during his tour of the country several years ago, left a deep and lasting impression upon his mind. This has been demonstrated by the extraordinary favors since shown by him to Americans visiting the Islands and the desire always expressed to continue and augment the close commercial and friendly relations existing between the great Republic and his Facific kingdom. He remembers New York in particular, and recounts with pleasure the sights he saw while here and the reception tendered him by the Aldermen, the ride to the Park, the great hotels and the theatres he visited. The workings of the Fire Department, in which he took a deep interest, as he was one of the leaders of the little Honolulu Department before…

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