Issue 23 and Volume 3.

MINOR TOPICS The Silsby Manufacturing Company has sold an Engine of the second size to the city of New Bedford, Mass. The Silsby Company has supplied Oconomowoc, Wis., with a light third size Engine, two Hose Carts and 1000 feet of Hose. The Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company have just received an order from Evansville, Indiana, for one of their City Hook and Ladder Trucks, with patent steering apparatus. The Chemical Fire Department of Syracuse, N. Y„ have presented the Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company of Chicago with eight different views of their model house and apparatus. Buckley & Merritt, of No. 156 South street, New York, have shipped to Mariners’ Harbor, L. I., one of their Combination Trucks, containing ladders, axes, picks, buckets, hooks, etc., and also a pump with hose and suction. One of a-similar pattern has been ordered by Greenwich, Conn. In the shops of the Caswell Fire Department…

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