Issue 23 and Volume 3.

INCENDIARY FIRES. The record of fires published in the papers from day to day is constantly growing more formidable. No section of the country is free from them, and the aggregate sum of the daily loss is startling in its dimensions. If one attempt to study the causes of these numerous fires, he will be surprised at the number reported as of incendiary origin, or “ cause unknown.” Of the latter, a portion occurs from spontaneous combustion, which, in nine cases out of ten is the result of carelessness—but more of them are due, as a writer once facetiously and concisely put it, “ to the friction caused by rubbing a $5000 insurance policy against a $2000 house.” We have, as is well-known, maintained very earnestly, that over-insurance is the great incentive to incendiarism. This is a fact well-known to Firemen, and generally admitted by insurance men. Accepting this as…

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