Issue 23 and Volume 3.

BALLAD ON THE BOLD, BAD CHICAGO MAN. MISCELLANY. It was a bold Chicago man In fire-engines did deal, And praises of the Matchless oft By the yard was wont to reel. It was the Corporation All of a Kansas town Three good fire-engines fain would buy And pay the money down. It was the bold Chicago man Did with his rivals meet. For the Kansas Mayor and Aldermen Would see the pumps compete. They talked, they talked—l-oril, how they talked I Of pistons, cranks, and beams, No/rles, and strokes, and safety-valves, Spanners and ft streams. Then up and spoke the Kansas Mayor, Whom so much talk di 1 ik : Light up your Engine fires, and let Os see the old thing wc.rk.’ Then hasted each inventor hold, And the smoke rolled to the skies, And, like the price of cornered wheat. The steam-gauges ’gun to rise. But} alas! for…

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