Issue 23 and Volume 3.

CHICAGO FIRES IN MAY. Superintendent Bullwinkle furnishes the following report of fires in Chicago during the month of May: Total number of alarms 73 stills 53, second alarms, 5; second and third combined, 1; and one general alarm. The causes are as follows: Communicated, 45; sparks from chimneys, 18; false, 12; chimney fires, 10; children with matches, 6; maliciousness, 5; unknown, 5; explosion kerosene lamps, 4; sparks from locomotives, 4 ; defective chimneys, 4; incendiary, 4; carelessness, 3; spontaneous, 3 ; rekindling, 3; boiling over of tar, 2; smoky stoves, 2; overheated chimneys, 2; boys lighting cigars, 2; and one each—sulphur too near broom corn, defective flue, ignition of shavings, ignition of straw, sparks from pipe falling on blankets, oil stoves in draught, bonfire, gas jet in show window, grease on burning hay, sawdust against steam pipes, cigar thrown among rubbish rags in basement, window curtains against gas jet, boiling…

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