Issue 1 and Volume 4.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. ON account of Friday being the Fourth of July, business in New York was generally suspended from Thursday night till Monday morning. As a consequence, THE JOURNAL was put to press Thursday afternoon, which fact accounts for our having no notice of what transpired on the Fourth. Anything of importance occurring will be noticed in our next. CONEY ISLAND is now the favorite watering-place resort, and the the hotels, saloons, and beach are crowded daily by thousands upon thousands of visitors. Within the past few years, this sand beach has been transformed into a populous city in the Summer season, boasting of some of the largest hotels in the country, with restaurants, saloons, and places of entertainment without number. Millions of dollars have been invested in these frame buildings, while scarcely a dollar has been expended in providing means for extinguishing fires. Let a fire get…

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