Issue 3 and Volume 4.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. CHIEF CANTLIN, of Philadelphia, does not find his position a bed of roses, by any means, and the men of the Department seem to be little better satisfied with his management than are citizens generally. The Sunday Times last week said: “Chief Engineer Cantlin, is as fulsome and complimentary in his report of the Fourth of July operations of the Firemen, as if he were a West Point graduate, full of fuss, feathers, flummery and red tape.” Fussy pomposity is out of place in a Fire Department. THE Eureka Fire Hose Company publishes on another page the full text of the decision recently given by Judge Nixon, of the United States District Court, sustaining the validity of their patents. This case has been pending for several years, having been brought by the Eureka Company against E. A. Street, ostensibly, but the Blake Hose Company of Boston,…

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